Mattias Villani

Natural Born Bayesian


I am Professor of Statistics at the Division of Statistics and Machine Learning  at Linköping University.
My research focuses on developing Bayesian methods for inference and prediction using flexible models.
See my Research page for a list of publications.

Here are some data sets that are currently keeping me busy:

  • tall data - longitudinal data on a quarter of a million Swedish firms
  • wide data - classifying documents and text using thousands of covariates/features
  • massively multivariate data – 4D (space + time) images of brain activity in 100,000 locations in the brain.

I teach courses in Bayesian learning, Advanced Bayesian LearningText mining, Statistical analysis of complex data, and Probability theory.

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Disclaimer: Any views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Linköping University, or anyone else for that matter.