Here are some codes for my recent papers:

  • HorseRule CRAN R package (written by Malte Nalenz) for our paper Tree Ensembles with Rule Structured Horseshoe Regularization [ arXiv ]
  • PartiallyCollapsedLDA Java code (written by Leif Jonsson and Måns Magnusson) for our JCGS paper Sparse Partially Collapsed MCMC for Parallel Inference in Topic Models [ arXiv ]
  • DiagonalOrthantLDA Java code (written by Leif Jonsson and Måns Magnusson) for our paper DOLDA – a regularized supervised topic model for high-dimensional multi-class regression [ arXiv ]  
  • BFAST3D SPM extension (written by Per Sidén) for our NeuroImage paper Fast Bayesian whole-brain fMRI analysis with spatial 3D priors [ arXiv ]